The assurance of project management
From an early stage of a project, we include clients and the authorities in the conversation, and also planning experts, such as structural engineers, and land and building surveyors. When we have all of the expert reports, we prepare plans on a scale of 1:50 or larger. Tradesmen and construction companies alike are able to clarify any structural issues arising on the basis of these plans.
In order to determine building costs, construction companies receive a listing of the individual jobs to be undertaken from us, including planning documentation. After we have received all tenders, we make an independent recommendation. As the client, you make the final decision. Integral to the contract with the construction company is the schedule of works determined by us. Laid out in this are the details of when jobs are to be carried out, so that the building can be delivered on time.
If there are likely to be delays, for instance, as a result of bad weather, we let you know immediately. Because it is very important to us that all works are carried out in the proper manner, we visit your building site regularly. In this way, problems of any kind can be addressed straightaway. Nonetheless, at handover we check again that everything has been done to your satisfaction and ours. If there is any reason for complaint, we ensure that any errors are fully resolved. We make sure that you are happy with your building now and into the future.