Collaborative planning
Our work consists of a constant balancing of wishes, feasibility and architectural requirements. Before producing the first sketches, we clarify the status quo, taking into consideration the topography of the site, the nature of the neighbouring terrain and the requirements of the land-use plan in force. Our fees will be stated from the outset, so that you have an overview of the project.
Then it is your turn, as the client. What qualities are you looking for in this building? How many rooms are required? We are always very happy to incorporate specific ideas for the floor plan and materials into the design process and the project as a whole. With the aid of the drawings, sketches and models we provide, you will be able to decide whether our initial ideas correspond with your wishes.
If you like the design concept, we will take things further. We will collaborate on decisions relating to the shape of the building, the room sizes, the sequence of rooms and the type of structure. Together we will decide how the building should look. When the draft design has been finalised, then it is time for the planning application. Nasty shocks are unlikely at this stage. If we think a project is very complex, we will already have been in contact with the relevant people and authorities.