A collaborative goal
Every project throws up issues, from the first draft to the finished building. Questions for the client from the planners; queries for the architect from engineers, building authorities, builders and client; it is our task to carefully address all such issues to guarantee the smooth running of the project
For this reason we ensure continuous dialogue with all those involved in the building process. We do everything to accommodate our clients’ wishes – whilst clearly articulating our own professional standpoint. Where a planner might see obstacles, we see opportunities that can be developed. We find new creative stimulus at the point at which other architects consider the job done.
Central to the entire planning phase is the design. It is the basis for all architectural detailing. Spurred on by the wish to find a holistic, sustainable solution, we are always open to technical advances – and we ensure we are fully informed about the latest developments on the market.
We present our proposals to our clients on an independent, non-committal basis. We take great care to weigh up their personal wishes against architectural requirements. We conscientiously represent our clients at all stages of the project until our collaborative goal has been achieved