Engaging in dialogue
The initial planning phase of any design is built around an in-depth conversation with our client. What does the client expect from the finished building? What personal preferences must be taken into consideration? Our sensitive interpretation of our client’s wishes gradually takes shape, bringing all the individual design elements together to form a coherent, harmonious whole. By talking things through with our clients in detail, we are able to develop an architectural design appropriate to their individual requirements, both in terms of design and functionality.
Thinking conceptually
Whether we are designing a restaurant or residential housing, the next step is to determine the most important key data for the project. In this way, our clients and we can check the design at any time. Does the colour concept match the atmosphere we are seeking? Does the plan accommodate all necessary functions in an optimal way? Are we exceeding the budget set? By producing a rigorous design concept, we interlink all levels of the plan, which can even include naming the building and developing a logo for it.
Good judgment
We design the planning process in as transparent, safe and convenient a manner as possible. We make use of the latest techniques. Computer-aided imagery assists the imagination, whilst digital production technology guarantees the greatest precision. In order to retain an overview of our building sites, we like to install webcams on site, so our clients can observe ongoing work and the latest state of affairs via the internet.