Gourmet Restaurant The Table
Holistic architectural concept for a 3-Michelin-Star Restaurant, Hamburg (2015)
The table at night time
Evening mood: blue hour
Specially designed felt elements ensure perfect acoustics
Feasibility study: four potential spaces were checked
Floor plan: chef's table, kitchen, entry and auxiliary rooms on the ground floor; champagne and whiskey lounge on the gallery
Section of the 6 m high space
Detail planning of the curved cherry-wood chef's table
Rendering at sunset time
Rendering: chef's table with open kitchen
Rendering: the curved chef's table from above
The curved chef's table from above
At the curved chef's table, every seat has optimal eye contact to the open kitchen
Close to 230 felt moth-like forms ensure perfect acoustics
Entering the restaurant
Site: mounting of the gallery level
Site: cross-checking of the visual relations and seating spaces at the chef's table with a 1:1 papier sample
Site: hanging of the felt elements
Site: hanging of the felt elements
3D prints of the chef's table for final proofing
Material collage
Production of the chef's table
Production of the specially designed felt elements

The challenge: fine dining and culinary artistry
The Table – the name of the restaurant says it all. It demanded that we place particular attention on the design of the table, the Chef's Table, and the way that it is sited in the large, high-ceilinged dining area. As the heart of the restaurant, the sinuously shaped counter, made from oiled cherrywood, is intended to inspire stimulating conversation and permit undisturbed culinary enjoyment – all within range of eye contact with the waiting staff and kitchen crew.
The design: spicy cuisine set against a sophisticated backdrop
Nothing in the dining space competes with the unique visual and taste sensations that Kevin Fehling and his team create for their guests. Aside from the eye-catching form of the counter, understatement is the order of the day. The grey tones of the untreated concrete walls, the cement flooring and the tiles are complemented by the luscious browns of the furniture, handrails and shag-pile carpet. Beige bar stools provide light-coloured accents, as do the soft contours of full-height, ivory curtains.
Moth-like forms give character to the ceiling
Muted conversation, the soft click of cutlery, a clinking of wine glasses; a flight of felt moth-like forms hover over the heads of the guests, ensuring that any harsh sounds are deadened. This unusual acoustic program, a bespoke design for The Table, contrasts with the formal austerity of the space, lending dynamism to the popular restaurant and creating a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere for guests. The folded felt elements provide a visual shield for the service wiring and piping running across the ceiling above it.
Culinary pleasures beneath a blaze of lights
An exclusive experience for 20 guests at a time. Kevin Fehling’s restaurant offers groups of people an unforgettable evening in select company. The well-designed lighting ensures an intimate atmosphere; each place at the table is lit from above by a filigree light fitting with a special lens, allowing the carefully prepared details of the culinary creations to be properly highlighted without dazzling guests. A sea of pendant lamps hovers in space, silently echoing the flow of the table. The brightness and mood of the lighting can be modified digitally, heightening the sensory pleasures on offer.
„At The Table - Kevin Fehling, exclusive, exceptional culinary experiences await guests within a welcoming setting. The intimate atmosphere has been achieved thanks to a comprehensive, very carefully planned design, encompassing a detailed lighting program, a select use of materials and finely tuned acoustics.‟