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Restaurant at Autohof Rosenow, Kiel (2012)   PDF ausdrucken
Innenraum gute stube  
Grundriss gute stube
Services: complete (preliminary design to site supervision)
Client: Rosenow GmbH & Co Truckport Kiel KG
Date: 10|2012
Area: 85,3 m², 46 seats
  Bildergalerie gute stube Kiel Bildergalerie gute stube Kiel Bildergalerie gute stube Kiel Bildergalerie gute stube Kiel Bildergalerie gute stube Kiel Bildergalerie gute stube Kiel Bildergalerie gute stube Kiel Bildergalerie gute stube Kiel  
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The challenge: making gourmet cuisine stand out
New German cuisine on an A-road? Until recently, the austere and stark external appearance of the restaurant at Autohof Rosenow gave barely a hint of the excellent gourmet delights on offer there. Our goal was to underscore the restaurant’s remarkable gastronomic concept, and to create a welcoming space to entice guests to take a culinary trip out into the countryside.
Fassade bei Nacht
Foto: Arne Biederbeck, Kiel
Kerstin Heyroth: 'With our all-encompassing design, from the development of the name right through to the interior design and on-going marketing ideas, we were able to provide the gourmet cuisine on offer an authentic image.'
The design: a warm welcome in a cosy parlour
In only a week, we managed to transform the faceless restaurant into a cosy, welcoming ‘parlour’.  Its new name (gute stube = parlour) immediately conjures up cosiness, the lovely smells of aromatic meals on offer and an hospitable atmosphere.
The slogan, 'New. German. Fresh' underscores these positive associations, and both the design and the cuisine entirely live up to them. Anyone stopping off at the Autohof Rosenow will be struck at first glance by the references to the agricultural riches of the region. A back-lit strip along the base of the façade decorated with the flowers of the field is repeated in the interior in a band running along the counter. It features products of the region from which the superb meals on the menu are prepared in front of guests.
The restaurant design fuses inside and outside spaces. A series of photographs, taken to underline the ‘parlour’ theme, tell the story of the agriculture of the region, and comfortable benches and wooden chairs encourage guests to stay for a while. Muted colours and the warm glow from the pendant lights create an atmosphere transforming a quick, rushed break into a pleasurable visit.
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