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And the curtain rises on a unique restaurant!    
When a restaurant opens, it is fair to say that all those involved have been through an exciting and intensive process. From the conception of the preliminary ideas to the finalising of the plans and on into the construction phase, many decisions are made to ensure a consistent and harmonious result is achieved.

We have guided our clients through this exciting process more than 30 times. We support you with our expertise as you make all of your architectural decisions and guide you carefully through the building process. That way, you’ll have all the time you need to perfect your culinary plans.
The greatest testimony of a successful collaboration with us is that all of the restaurants designed by us to date are still being run by the original restauranteurs.
A successful restaurant has a timeless quality and retains its distinction and beauty throughout the years. Spatial design and ambient lighting are as harmonious as the ingredients in the food on offer, ensuring that guests can enjoy a unique experience for all the senses.

Such success stems from original architectural design. We develop our designs in close collaboration with restauranteurs, taking our design cues from their culinary concepts and from the particular features of the architectural space.
All design elements are developed to suit the original design concept and are thus always integral to a harmonious whole that is not just imposed upon the space, but really works organically.
Somewhere to relax
Being able to dine in a space like this, somewhere where one enjoys spending time, adds an extra dimension to the culinary pleasures on offer. The taste of the food, the visual experiences of colour and light, and the tactile qualities of the furnishings all merge to create a feast for the senses.

Such an experience is the result of meticulous planning. We design every detail of your restaurant with a deft feel for colour and light harmonies. We make use of many different kinds of modelling – from the classic architectural model to light simulations, as well as showing you examples of furniture, colour swatches and a variety of finishes.
In this way, you can be assured that the end result will entirely match your expectations.
Behind the scenes
In order that your guests and staff feel comfortable and at home in your restaurant, the functional design has to be well thought through. The spatial flow patterns of staff and guests alike need to be organised, and the kitchen area has to be designed precisely around the work processes of the kitchen staff.

For this reason, we take the greatest care when planning your kitchen areas and service routes. Since spatial constraints differ depending on the culinary concept, we also always ensure a close dialogue with our clients at this stage of the design process.
When it comes to complex technical issues, such as kitchen technology, the ventilation of your kitchen and restaurant, we consult specialists about your specific case. We take great care to dovetail their technical design specifications with our designs as a whole, so that the technical requirements don't disturb the overall look and work seamlessly as part of the design concept.
Step-by-step towards a successful outcome
When it comes to the opening of a restaurant that we have designed, we know we have arrived at the end of an exciting journey. We will have guided our clients step-by-step through the planning and construction processes. We only consider a project successful when we have delivered on budget and on time.

For this reason, we draw up cost and time prognoses, designed to follow one another by close intervals. This ensures that we are able to provide our clients with meaningful estimates right at the start of the project, based on the expertise and data we have gathered over the course of many completed projects. Our estimates get more and more precise as the project planning phase proceeds.

In this way we are able to identify existing risks early on in the process and take appropriate measures to deal with them. All of our projects are completed on budget and on time.
A team of experts - internationally
Every building project is a collective endeavour. To this end, we like to swap expertise with our colleagues worldwide. Our personal network includes architects from around the world, with whom we collaborate on projects outside Germany. To date, we have completed projects in Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and the USA.

In conjunction with our international partners, we are thus able to ensure a professional service tailored to local requirements, whether we are dealing with planning permission applications, tendering or site management, wherever your project is in the world. We visit the site regularly ourselves and are on site virtually via site webcams and secure data exchange platforms whenever necessary.
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