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Private house in Hamburg    
Construction of a single-family home in Hamburg-Lokstedt (2010)   PDF ausdrucken
Garden facade  
Sevices: complete (preliminary design to site supervision)
Client: private
Date: 2009 - 2010
Area: 54 m² living area
  The colours employed on the façades of the small house have been carefully selected to echo the surrounding wild garden. The delicate palette chosen for the colour scheme for the interior of the house matches that used for the exterior. Building site: firstly, the piles were driven into the ground. The concrete foundation slab was poured into place above the four piles. The building shortly after its completion. The old building, which was demolished soon afterwards, can be seen in the background. View of the building and the landscaped garden. Corner of the building with rendered panel. Detail of the entrance platform.  
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The challange: flood-protected living
The water level of the nearby Kollau river can rise by up to 80 centimetres and flood the plot. It was our task to design a house that remains dry even in the most critical situations.
Hauseingang Treppe
The design: on a solid footing
A UFO has landed. It sits white and compact, enthroned in a garden left to nature. Fine metal steps offer the only means of access. This little house on piles accords with the client’s desire to be safe even in flood conditions.

The key requirement for withdrawal and privacy prompted us to design a compact, simple structure with a perforated façade. The panels rendered in natural ochre and green tones create a link both to the surroundings and to the colour palette used inside the building.

We met the client’s desire for natural materials right down to the details. It was for this reason that we chose natural pigments for the colour scheme for the interior walls, and selected solid oak flooring. In the bathroom, we used Tadelakt plaster, a waterproof and yet breathable natural material.
Ralf Kürbitz: 'This single-family home is testament to the fact that even the smallest building project requires great care and ingenuity.'
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